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Friday, February 24, 2012

My first original oil painting

Hi everybody, today I would like to share my first original painting I have done.  My other paintings have always been studies of other painters work.  This one is done from a picture my son took in Victoria, BC.  I loved the quiet feel of the picture so chose it for my first.  This painting is done with oils, which I just love.  I am linking this up to Paint Party Friday.        

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Basket transformation

So all over Pinterest are ideas to transform baskets into cloches.  These baskets I found at our Thriftstore.  I thought they would look good transformed.  After I finished them I realised that the holes need to be a bit bigger, but for my first time the worked.  I took off the handles and then painted them using Martha Stewart craft paints.  I used a couple of different colours to give them a shabby chic look.
I then got out my stash of goodies wondering what to use.   While I had my goodies out I thought I would give you a peek as some of my things.  All my lace trims colour coded.  You can see two hearts that I started making which I will be showing you in another post.

Another look at my fun goodies!

Close up of the hearts!

So here are my cloches on my mantel.  As you can see it is a little difficult to see inside.  I have added some greenery and roses inside as these were the easiest to see.

Close up of the smaller cloche.  This one is done with blue paint, pink and  cream.  Love how it looks.

The bigger one.  This one was painted green with a cream on top.  I think I need to sand it a little to show more of the green.

This is a close up of the top.  This is a door handle I got from Michaels for $1.50.  Took the screw part out and then used glue to attach it to the basket.

Love my little scape.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Comeback

I have finally found the nerve to come back to my blog.  Literally been too nervous to come back.  I have been ignoring this blog as I feel I was losing myself.  I find I was putting myself through way to much stress trying to please the invisible audience.  Everybody seems to be so good at this whole blogging thing.  I just felt I was not getting the knack of it.  I finally realised I was not being true to myself.  I jumped into this without thinking how I wanted to  come across to everybody.  I tend to do that I jump into things without thinking it through.  I do that with all of my ventures and then I exhaust myself trying to do it perfectly.  I have decided that I am going to use my blog to find myself.  I turn fifty this year and if I am every going to do that now is the time.  I have loads of interests, crafting, art, paper crafting, interior decorating.  I have always just concentrated on one of those interests at a time.  This year I am going to try and incorporate it all in my life.  I will be blogging only once a week, so that I do not get bogged down in it.  My entries will be about my life not just my interests and I am hoping to grow this year and really find myself.  This is going to be my nirvana.  There will be entries about organisation, decorating, art and anything else I find beautiful or inspiring.  I  hope you will join me on my journey.  Happy trails to all


P.S.  I will also be working on finding out how to use my blog properly so be patient with me.