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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Already Missed a Week!!!

Oh my gosh, I already missed a week of blogging.  The time just seems to fly when you are having fun!!!  I have been able to keep up with the art course I am doing, and some of it has been a real trial for me to do.  I love my art and have always enjoyed doing art, but never considered myself an artist.  I just never seem to have my own original ideas.  I always need something to work from, whether that be a picture, a photo, or doing a study of someone's art.  The second lesson went well, but for the third lesson we had to do exercises without any real direction.  We were given prompts and then had to draw.  One liners, drawing with our eyes closed, making something out of blobs of paint, and then my worse given a paragraph and then having to make poems out of the words.  Now I can tell you poetry has never been my thing!!!  LOL.  So needless to say this was really scary.  But I pushed through with my 14 year old daughters encouragement.  I was really proud of my done pieces.  Do need to add some colour to the drawings, but at the moment am caught up in week 4 lesson.  I will share some pictures of my week 2 and week 3 art and hopefully come back with my week 4 one later.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Have a great week all!!!!

This is week 2!

Week 3, envelope for art work

The artwork to go into the envelope

More artwork!

See you next week, love Michele