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Friday, March 14, 2014

And life goes on!!!

Since I was last on here so much has happened.  I went away with my boyfriend on a roadtrip.  He is a long haul truck driver.  It was an amazing week.  We travelled all the way from Alberta Canada to Nogales in Arizona and then back up again.  Such amazing scenery.  And we left weather that was in the -40's and eventually were in the mid twenties.

Of course once I got home not only did I have to catch up at work but I also had to catch up on my art course.  I have been really enjoying the Lifebook course although I have also found some of it really challenging.  But I must admit the teachers have been amazing and every week I learn something new.
This was a class taught by Marieke Blokland.  It was called Sugar Sugar and was really loads of fun to do.  And then put together.  The head is drawn separately and then cut out and glued to your background.
This one was taught by Tamara Laporte.  The background is done with ink sprays and then the side portrait is drawn in.  I must say the portrait was a little difficult for me.  I also did not have many inks, I would have loved to have had more colours to put in there.  But again I am happy with my end result.
This was some real fun, just using so much bold colour.  And really there were not any rules, just go with the flow.  This lesson was taught by an amazing lady.  Just loved how she taught the lesson.  Alena Hennessy you rock.

So this is just some of the work I have done over the last few weeks.  Every lesson has really stretched me, and this way I have been able to learn.

Have added the above ladies sites, hope you will go and visit them and check out their amazing work.

Have a great week