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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring tea time

Today we are have tea.  I have only just started getting into doing tablescapes, so I do not have a huge supply of china.  I have been slowly trying to collect some pieces, but it is going slowly, then a light went on, duh, this is a set I have had for years but never use.  It has been sitting in a closet never thought of.  I hauled this set with me from South Africa.  I have had it for about 20 years.
It is really pretty.  That is actually a coffee pot, we did use the tea pot and somewhere between all of our relocating it got lost, so I am using the coffee pot as a tea pot.  The light is a little bad, we have had some really grey gloomy days, and I must also admit, I am new at this photography thing to.

A few cookies are always a must for tea time!  These were so pretty.

Some lemon slices for the tea, and some strawberries for color.

And the beautiful carnations in a pitcher I found at the Salvation Army Store just finish the entire picture.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little desk redo

This is an old sewing table I found in our house when we moved in.  It was sturdy but did not look so good but I used it around the house for extra storage.  I have now decided to fix it up and use it as my workstation in my livingroom.  Needed to dress her up abit, so started with paint.

So here she is with 2 coats of paint and some new knobs to give her some elegance.

These knobs were a great buy from Michaels, they were $3 each and I just loved them.
The top of the desk was a little narrow, so I took a spare shelf I had lying around and covered it with some fabric.  To finish it off I glued on this trim.  I think she is looking lovely.
A close up of the trim, looks cute right!
Time to decorate, this container I got at my Thrift store.  I loved it, paid to much for it but fell in love with the little legs and the shape. 
Is this not cute.
I have put in some paper roses and it looks stunning on my new desk.
So here is my little desk.  Now I can do my blogging here.  Do need a chair or stool though.  Next job on my long to do list.
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Original No 2

 So I finally finished my 2nd original.  This one is from a picture I took when we were on holiday in Victoria, British Columbia.  It was fall and the colors were amazing.  This leaf was on a cobbled side street.  I just loved the colors and hope I have done it justice.

This is the original picture.  Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My easter egg craft

 This weekend I spent some time in my craftroom.  These eggs started off as styrofoam eggs from the dollar store.  I painted them using Martha Stewart Craft paints.  I then gathered all my trims and fun stuff around and started decorating.

A sweet bunny watching over my handiwork.
A closer look at some of my eggs!     

I love my bunny, she has decided to have a closer look to.

Have a wonderful day!!!  

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring Day

Happy Spring day from a gloomy Lethbridge, AB.  No sun here today, just grey clouds, at least there is no snow with the clouds
My little bird is making me feel in the spring mood.  Hope you are having a wonderful spring day.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

13th Birthday

This past weekend was my babies birthday.  We decided on a farewell Princess party.  She helped with the tablescape, our first ever.  All our plates and serving dishes were from the dollar store.

The dishes are plastic from the dollar store.  Candle holders are ramekins and the candles are flameless candles.  The glasses are glass ones from the dollar store.  We served them sparkling grape juice, in place of champagne, so that they could toast the birthday girl.

My daughter came up with the idea for the napkin and cutlery in the glasses.  We could not find napkins to match our table cloth so we used a rollerstamp and Stampin Up blue ink to make our own.

 Close up of napkins

In place of goodie bags I got them each a teenage magazine and a princess toy.  Rolled them together, tied with a ribbon and added the flower.

A cupcake, cake, not my best work, iced to match her color scheme and again bringing in the princess theme.

All done!

My baby!

 Lets add some food.


Food and candles lit.  Fit for the princesses

 Cheers and Happy Birthday!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trying out my camera

Quiet time with a book curled up on my couch, not really just set up to look like it.  This book is called Peaceful Thoughts for Busy Women.  I love the pictures in the book and also the inspirational thoughts.  I am trying to learn to take better pictures.  I do not have a fancy camera it is a Sony 1080, which really does not mean anything to me.  I got it as a gift. and it has worked fine for me so far, but I have never tried to take artsy pictures before.  So I will be posting some pictures in the future which will be my experiments.

Here is another shot, not very good but I was also playing around with some effects with this one.

Here is my final one of this particular vignette, which is also something I am still learning about.
Now a couple more things I would like to point out to you.  The wood container is something my brother made when he was in high school, he just turned forty seven, so it really is getting old.  The top is broken off, which is not so bad, considering that it has travelled all the way from South Africa.

Another thing I wanted to point out was the beautiful design on the table.  This table is one of a set.  Two end tables and a coffee table.  I bought the entire set for $80.  A steal, as they are real wood.  I bought them off kijjii, and I was intending to paint them and then distress them.  But when I got them I fell in love with them and now do not know if I should paint or not.  What do you all think.

Hope you enjoy your day


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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My victorian hearts

Hi everybody, so as promised I was going to share my new hearts I was making.  This was a course taught by the 2 ladies over at  A Gilded life.  I love learning new things so this was made for me.  Christy Tomlinson was a partner in this course.
 I showed you this picture when I shared my basket makeovers.
The hearts are made out of felt.  They are joined with glue so no sewing involved.  Lightly stuff it, not to much stuffing.
 Then the fun starts.  Collect all your trims, pieces of lace, flowers, leaves and bling.

Start layering.  These are just all scraps I used on this one except for the glittery trim around the outside which I got on Michaels, marked 50% off.  The beads are from my stash which I put together in a rosary and then attached to the heart so I can now hang it.
Close up of my second heart.  The bling peeking out of the flowers I also got from Michaels in their beading department.  These were also marked down and there were five or six threaded together.  Took it apart so now I can use them on different crafts.

And there they are, cute hearts to display.

Have a wonderful week


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