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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trying out my camera

Quiet time with a book curled up on my couch, not really just set up to look like it.  This book is called Peaceful Thoughts for Busy Women.  I love the pictures in the book and also the inspirational thoughts.  I am trying to learn to take better pictures.  I do not have a fancy camera it is a Sony 1080, which really does not mean anything to me.  I got it as a gift. and it has worked fine for me so far, but I have never tried to take artsy pictures before.  So I will be posting some pictures in the future which will be my experiments.

Here is another shot, not very good but I was also playing around with some effects with this one.

Here is my final one of this particular vignette, which is also something I am still learning about.
Now a couple more things I would like to point out to you.  The wood container is something my brother made when he was in high school, he just turned forty seven, so it really is getting old.  The top is broken off, which is not so bad, considering that it has travelled all the way from South Africa.

Another thing I wanted to point out was the beautiful design on the table.  This table is one of a set.  Two end tables and a coffee table.  I bought the entire set for $80.  A steal, as they are real wood.  I bought them off kijjii, and I was intending to paint them and then distress them.  But when I got them I fell in love with them and now do not know if I should paint or not.  What do you all think.

Hope you enjoy your day


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