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Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi everybody,

My life has been so busy..loads of personal problems that needed sorting out.  But in between I have been busy with my painting, thought I would share some pictures today of a 5ft x 5ft canvass I was asked to do for Halloween....

Hope u enjoy these

Have a good day

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wonderful summer

The summer has been so busy, with no real art time.  I do try and get some things done, but the weather has been so nice that we have been biking and walking, and swimming and all the other summer goodness.

My daughter and I have been working on some portrait painting and I have also done some ATC's for a swap.  Thought I would share those with you today.

The theme was nature, and loved being able to use different techniques and my ladies on these.

Hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful day


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New art work

Hi everybody,

I have been very busy doing my art these last few weeks.  Trying to get into doing portraits.  I am loving what I am doing.  Life has finally calmed down in my house so doing art has been a little easier.  We are now getting ready for finals, but Storm is in Grade 7, so it is now to much pressure yet.  Her tap exam went great and she got 87%.  I am a very proud mama.  Now for a couple of art pieces.

Hope you enjoy.

Have a wonderful day



Sunday, May 27, 2012

I have finally got ART

Hi everybody,

I have been crazy busy with my daughters dance festivals.  She performs 12 numbers and we had 3 festivals and our year end performances in the last 2 months.  2 of the festivals were out of town.  We are exhausted, this week she has her tap exam and then we have a quiet month till end of June and then we are off to Vegas for a week were she performs 6 of her group numbers and also her solo.

So I have finally been doing some art.  I find art so refreshing to my soul.  Creating something from nothing is very satisfying.  I have been doing a art course with Tam at  Today I am posting a stylised portrait done with watersoluble crayons.  It has been really fun learning to do the drawing of a face and also the blending of colours.

I hope you love it as much as I do and I will be posting more of my efforts soon.



Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi everybody,

Today I need to apologise for my absence.  We are in the middle of Dance Festivals, and my daughter has 4 festivals this year.  She dances in 13 numbers so it keeps us very busy.  This last week we had a festival in our town.  She did her 12 groups and her 1 solo over the course of 5 days.  She did get 13 golds, yay, but it is very busy.  This weekend we do the same dances over 2 days out of town and then a week and a half after that we are out of town for 5 days again.  In May we have year end concerts and then tap exams.  At the end of June we fly to Vegas where she has 7 of her numbers performing in a festival there. Now it sounds like I am complaining but actually we love  it.  It does leave very little time or energy to do anything else.  I do have a few things going and I will be trying to get them on my blog.

So I will be trying to get here every now and then and also visiting all the blogs I follow.

Hope everybody is having a blast with spring!

Have a great day!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Busy day!

Hello everybody,

I hope you all had a great Easter break.  We do not have any family in Canada, so we are more low keyed than most other families.  My husband watched the Masters, my mother did her thing, my daughter had a friend over and I had loads of time in my craftroom.  My nirvana, hence my blog name Michele's Nirvana, get it right!

So I got out my cute fabrics I bought last week and started sewing some new napkins.  I am trying to get into doing the tablescapes, and I needed more table linens to work with, hence the sewing going on.

I love the blue and yellows together!

In my previous post I showed you how I made my own napkin rings.  So, today I have changed them out to match my napkins.  These I started by punching heart shapes out of cardstock.  I then cut out hearts from the same fabric as the napkins.  I attached this to the cardstock heart with glue.  The tiny heart wreath shapes I have had forever do not even remember where I got them from.  The flowers were white paper roses, I sprayed them with a mist and attached them to the hearts.  I attached the velcro to the back of the hearts and now they  can be attached to the rings.  New NAPKIN RINGS!

The mugs used in my little set up today, I have had forever, and honestly I have no idea where I got them.  They are handmade and are beautiful.

Here are my two sets of napkins I have made with their matching napkin rings.

I hope you all enjoy this post and I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making my own napkin rings.

 Today I am sharing my napkin rings.  This is my first tutorial, so be patient with me.  To start making my napkin rings I took cream felt.
 I cut strips double the width I would want my rings to be.  I cut along the length of the felt piece and then cut each piece in half.

You are left with pieces like this, that you now fold length wise to make your ring.

I sewed along the long side and one short side so that I would be able to turn them inside out.

Turn them inside out.

Now I wanted to pretty it up.  I had a crocheted lace that I hotglued to the tube.  I also glued the short end closed.  This decoration will be on permanetly.  The other I am doing so that it can be removed and I can put on another color to match my napkins.

Now I am left with something that looks like a napkin ring.

Now I want to make my decoration for the ring.  I started with felt pieces as my base.  I wanted pink to match my napkins.  I had this fabric which I cut into squares. I do not have any further pictures of how I layered these, but you really use whatever you want to make a pretty napkin ring.

This is the completed napkin ring.  The napkin is a fat quarter cut down to size and I just zigzagged the edges.  I then used my gluegun and attached velcro to the join of the ring.

Attach the other piece of the velcro to the decoration.

Walla, and there you have it a beautiful napkin ring that can be changed to suit your need.  Just make different decorations in the colors you want and attach with the velcro.

How gorgeous is that.  Here they are with one of my favorite tea cups, the candle is another project I did long ago.  I used acrylic paint to do the flowers on the candle.

If you have made it this far with my post I thank you for your patience.  I will show you some other napkins with my rings as I finish them.

Thank you again.

Have a wonderful day.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring tea time

Today we are have tea.  I have only just started getting into doing tablescapes, so I do not have a huge supply of china.  I have been slowly trying to collect some pieces, but it is going slowly, then a light went on, duh, this is a set I have had for years but never use.  It has been sitting in a closet never thought of.  I hauled this set with me from South Africa.  I have had it for about 20 years.
It is really pretty.  That is actually a coffee pot, we did use the tea pot and somewhere between all of our relocating it got lost, so I am using the coffee pot as a tea pot.  The light is a little bad, we have had some really grey gloomy days, and I must also admit, I am new at this photography thing to.

A few cookies are always a must for tea time!  These were so pretty.

Some lemon slices for the tea, and some strawberries for color.

And the beautiful carnations in a pitcher I found at the Salvation Army Store just finish the entire picture.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little desk redo

This is an old sewing table I found in our house when we moved in.  It was sturdy but did not look so good but I used it around the house for extra storage.  I have now decided to fix it up and use it as my workstation in my livingroom.  Needed to dress her up abit, so started with paint.

So here she is with 2 coats of paint and some new knobs to give her some elegance.

These knobs were a great buy from Michaels, they were $3 each and I just loved them.
The top of the desk was a little narrow, so I took a spare shelf I had lying around and covered it with some fabric.  To finish it off I glued on this trim.  I think she is looking lovely.
A close up of the trim, looks cute right!
Time to decorate, this container I got at my Thrift store.  I loved it, paid to much for it but fell in love with the little legs and the shape. 
Is this not cute.
I have put in some paper roses and it looks stunning on my new desk.
So here is my little desk.  Now I can do my blogging here.  Do need a chair or stool though.  Next job on my long to do list.
Have a wonderful day!