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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hoping to get some things posted this week.

I would like to start off  by apologizing for being so quiet.  I went to Yorkton, Saskatchewan, last week to visit my oldest daughter.  I found the week really exhausting.  Very stressful.  It was hot, the drive was long, we were trying to paint her house, and eventually got on each others nerves.  On the drive back I drove off the road into a ditch, luckily nobody was hurt, the car was not damaged, but apparently I was more exhausted than I realized and nodded off.  Needless to say I limped home having to stop every now and then to take in some fresh air.  I was the only driver in the car, with my mom and younger daughter as passengers.  The drive takes about 10 hours.  Got home safely and my son immediately took my car out.  He does not have his own car so uses mine.  We got home on Friday, my son was leaving for college in Victoria, BC on Sunday so we were having some people over to wish him well.  I asked him to go and pick up some snacks, and get gas in the car.  A hour after he left I got a call from him, telling us that he had crashed the car. He was fine but my car was a write off.   Now you don't know much about me and my own, but this car I got in April, a beautiful red Toyota Rav.  I loved it.  Also two months ago he side swiped a vehicle and one entire panel had to be replaced.  I think this card was not destined to be mine.  This is a brand new car, out of the box.  So I have no car.  We had to use my husbands car to drive Kyle up to Calgary for his flight to Victoria.  We also had to get his last supplies.  He has arrived safely in Victoria and is very excited about his new life.  Meanwhile I am tired, depressed and hoping things will go a little better in the coming weeks.

So that is my little pity party.  I have been lurking around seeing what all my blog friends have been doing, also all the posts about CHA,   that looked like loads of fun.

Hope to have something to post soon, as soon as I catch up on all the challenges.

Thank you



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  1. OMGosh Michele! I'm so sorry to hear about your car & what you've been going thru. But the good side of it is that no one was injured in either instance. So that's a huge blessing.
    Hope life starts treating you better. Big Hugs!

    I just joined the Outlawz & have become your newest follower. I would love for you to visit my blog Sharrahug’s Sweet Blessings

    Have a wonderful day!
    Huggies ~